Canadian education is highly regarded around the world. It is an outcomes-based system that ensures all students attain the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes before graduation. Canadian education ensures that all subjects are taught by teachers trained by recognized universities and certified by a Board of Education. Our teachers maintain the same high standards that would be expected by the Provincial Ministry of Education in Canada. The educational programs and teaching methodologies are supported and reviewed by education officials from Canada.

CTIS partners with the Ministry of Education of New Brunswick to deliver a quality, world-class curriculum to students in Bangladesh. New Brunswick is a culturally diverse and economically dynamic province in Atlantic Canada. Most teachers at CTIS are certified to teach in Canada and are well-versed in not only the curriculum but also the best education practices. The New Brunswick Ministry of Education ensures that all of its institutions provide a high standard of education and up-to-date programs, facilities, technology, staff, and resources. Our students will graduate with a fully recognized, transferable New Brunswick diploma that will gain them admission into the best universities and colleges in Canada and around the world.


We offer a Pre-K to Grade 12 program that is delivered in English, with graduating students receiving a high school diploma from the Province of New Brunswick, Canada. Students can enter at any point during the school year, provided equivalencies and achievement from previous education have been evaluated and there is space in the class.